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This page gives information about my one-to-one drum tuition.

I currently charge £24 per hour, which can either be on your own drum kit or in my home studio, and at a time to suit you - office hours, evenings or weekends. Lessons are for a minimum of 30 minutes each.

If you are a complete beginner or maybe someone who wants to return to drumming after an absence of a year or two (or more), or whether you already know the basics and want to improve, I can help.

How you learn is up to you. Some people just want to learn to be a recreational drummer and/or play in a band, but if you think you would benefit from the discipline and focus of taking grades (which I strongly recommend for young people), I can help you through that.

I have a patient, understanding approach and I enjoy the satisfaction of a challenge, so whatever your ability or perceived ability, get in contact.

This tuition is designed for children (if you are an adult and a beginner, see below), and teaches the children the basics of drumming, including naming the parts of the kit, the correct way to hold the sticks, time signatures, tempo and more.

By the end of the first lesson, students should already be able to play a basic pop beat - and possibly more.

To find out more or book tuition, contact me.


Once children have mastered the basics of drumming and - more importantly - demonstrated an affiinity for the instrument and a willingness to learn and practise, they need to focus their efforts on development.

The best way to do this is by taking grades, which provide not only the motivation to continue (by the setting of clear goals and, ideally, deadlines), but ensures the student has the necessary discipline to learn the carefully selected pieces. All grades also include rudiments and other techniques that are essential to all drummers.

As a graduate of Rockschool grades myself, I recommend their syllabuses, which provide great motivation, but I can advise on other options.

To find out more or book tuition, contact me.


You are never too old to learn drums, and it is becoming ever more popular for men in their thirties, forties or older to stop regretting that they didn't learn when they were younger, and get on and do it.

I already have one senior student, and he has enjoyed not just picking up the basics but progressing to play in a band. Both his sons are drummers, and it is not unusual for drumming to become a family affair.

Whether you are a novice or you are returning to drumming after a long break, don't put it off any longer and sign up for lessons. I'll assess your drumming ability and your capacity to learn and tailor lessons accordingly.

You could even consider back-to-back father and son lessons!

And one final thought - everything that applies to dads with an ambition to drum also applies to mums!

To find out more or book tuition, contact me.